Imperial period

» 1769-1785
» 1786-1818
» 1818-1843
» 1843-1865
» 1866-1880
» 1882-1886
» 1887-1896
» 1898-1899
» 1905-1912
» 1915-1917

Paper money of the USSR

Contemporary russian money

Russian Paper Money — Imperial period

The first russian paper money were printed in 1769 during the reign of Ekaterina II. It was forced by the imperfectness of the monetary system, in which coins were the only payment method. The banknotes were printed on white paper and had watermarks. From 1786 the banknotes were printed on color paper, but were still very simple, which cause massive fraud. In the beginning of the 19th century the paper money changed the outlook to a classicism style one. Architectural images and portraits began appearing on the banknotes in the 50s and 60s, along with imperial monograms.

By the beginning of the 20th century many famous painters, like Reichel, Zauerveir and Lundin, took part in banknote design. The 1912 500 ruble banknote is often named as one of the most beautiful ones in history. All the banknotes of the Imperial period were printed in Russia, with one exception of a emission printed in the USA not long before the revolution of 1917.

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